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UFO's and the Alien Abduction Phenomena, Harold "Hal" Povenmire

"When the UFO events came to government attention, Dr. J. Allen Hynek. became the director of Project Blue Book as a scientific advisor for the US Air Force. While finishing up my degrees at Ohio State, we joined forces as debunkers of some of the controversial UFO cases. At this time, we both had severe doubts as to the authenticity of some of the UFO and Alien Abduction Phenomena. Dr. Hynek would ask me to go out covertly to investigate cases which sounded genuine but needed more investigation."

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Fighter Pilot and Experimental Test Pilot Norvin "Bud" Evans

Norvin “Bud” Evans is a career aviation specialist, spending his whole life moving through the ranks of the US Air Force. Starting as a Cadet and ending as a Lieutenant Colonel Experimental Test Pilot, Bud experienced United States history from the front lines. Reporting for active duty in Japan throughout the Korean War and taking part in some of the most exciting military technological advancements of our time, Bud tells his stories as he winds his way through historical events that define the 20th Century. When his career as a jet fighter pilot drew to a close, he went on to participate in the NASA space program and also to negotiate programs and information with royalty in Saudi Arabia. Having...

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