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Fighter Pilot and Experimental Test Pilot Norvin "Bud" Evans

Norvin “Bud” Evans is a career aviation specialist, spending his whole life moving through the ranks of the US Air Force. Starting as a Cadet and ending as a Lieutenant Colonel Experimental Test Pilot, Bud experienced United States history from the front lines. Reporting for active duty in Japan throughout the Korean War and taking part in some of the most exciting military technological advancements of our time, Bud tells his stories as he winds his way through historical events that define the 20th Century. When his career as a jet fighter pilot drew to a close, he went on to participate in the NASA space program and also to negotiate programs and information with royalty in Saudi Arabia. Having lived in Saudi for four years, Bud brings an interesting perspective to other cultures and the United States relationship building from the 1970’s.

Overqualified and under publicized, Bud Evans writes about his experiences and fulfilling his dreams. Truly interesting and inspirational, the three part series of “Aviating with Evans” is a true gem for historians, aviation enthusiasts and anyone who has ever had a dream.

Review for Aviating with Evans
5.0 out of 5 stars

"Bud Knocks it Out of the Park!! “The history in this book is astounding. If you enjoy aerospace history in any form, this is a must read. Bud has been everywhere in the Golden Age of Test flight and the past comes to life!!!”
—By The Florida Reviewer on May 9, 2016

Top Secret Nuclear Testing Program Operation Redwing Adventures With Test Pilot Bud Evans

Previously classified information for over 55 years that sheds light on an incredible period of time in US history from Norvin "Bud" Evans.

Bud's second book "A Tenth of a Second To Live" is the true story of a United States Air Force Experimental Test Pilot who was assigned to perform unbelievably dangerous test flights in Operation Redwing, an early H-bomb US testing program. A small group of skilled, courageous men were tasked to fly untested aircraft into the bomb blasts in order to test the structural capabilities of the planes. Now that the information has been declassified, the story can be told. Prepare to fly with the author, Norvin “Bud” Evans, on flights that are beyond imagination. Share the life on a remote Atoll in the South Pacific during the tension-filled five-and-a half months of H-Bomb testing and the agonizing months following his return.


 “As the countdown for the explosion reached “One,” I locked my hand on the stick to keep the aircraft in the straight and level position and covered my eyes (goggles) with the other hand. I had no doubt in my mind that the bomb had detonated as the brilliant light penetrated the cockpit. My gloved hand and black goggles were so white that it hurt my eyes.”

Review in Daedalus Magazine, Programs Issue 2018...

 A Tenth of a Second to Live

By: Col. Norvin "Bud" Evans, USAF (Ret)
Reviewer: Col. Francis L. Kapp, USAF (Ret)

This is the second true story by three-war veteran Col. "Bud" Evans, USAF (Ret), that I have reviewed. You may recall his first book, Aviating with Evans, the story of his varied and very interesting career as an experimental test pilot for the Air Force.

This new book is an expansion of his most interesting and dangerous top secret series of test flights, mentioned briefly in his first book.

If I asked you to volunteer to fly a Republic F-94F over the top of a nuclear explosion's (H-bomb) center, to the accuracy of plus or minus one tenth of a second so the Air Force could see what happens to your airplane, would you agree to do it? Well, Bud does, flying over not one, but seven bombs during Operation REDWING in the Pacific.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat and shaking your head. When we talk today about our Air Force standing on the shoulders of those who flew before us, one very broad pair of those shoulders belonged to Bud Evans. Thanks, Bud.

Norvin "Bud" Evans has now published his third book, An Experimental Test Pilot's Story, Aviating With Evans, Part 2, The Civilian Years, which completes a Trilogy, largely taken from his own personal diaries, covering a long and storied career in both Military and Civilian Aviation.


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  • Gregory Daly

    Today is May 17, 2020. Bud Evans passed away last evening.

    I lot can be said but it is clear, Bud was a rare bird!

    Gregory Daly, his nephew.

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