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A Tenth of a Second To Live, Norvin “Bud” Evans - Blue Note Publications, Inc

A Tenth of a Second To Live, Norvin “Bud” Evans

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A Test Pilot's Account of Top Secret US H-Bomb Testing.

This is the true story of a United States Air Force Experimental Test Pilot who was assigned to perform unbelievably dangerous test flights under extreme and hazardous conditions. Prepare to fly with the author, Norvin “Bud“ Evans on a special mission that was top secret for 55 years. Now, from his amazing diary, share the life on a remote atoll in the South Pacific during the tension-filled five and one-half months of H-Bomb testing. 

ISBN: 9780997763898
Paperback, 6 x 9, 206 pages with photos



This story will keep you on the edge of your seat and shaking your head. When we talk today about our Air Force standing on the shoulders of those who flew before us, one very broad pair of those shoulders belonged to Bud Evans. Thanks, Bud.
-Daedalus Flyer Magazne, Programs Issue, 2018 

"Highly recommend this book as not only a incredibly interesting account of our history but a seat of the pants adventure no one else could imagine ! you can't put this down as the recounting of this time of our history keeps the reader enthralled with each turned page of this true to life story."
-Kathleen W.

"Since I was in junior high school I've been fascinated with reading stories of great aviators. Bud Evans, a member of "the Greatest Generation" writes a riveting account of his test flight days of testing the effects of hydrogen bombs (following WWII) on the aircraft that he was flying-as close to the fireball as the experts at the time thought was "safe." Right! I cannot imagine climbing into the cockpit and flying into the hailstorm of an atomic bomb. But that is exactly what Evans did; and not once but on numerous bomb drops. And he lived to tell the his amazing story years later. This is a must read that will make you feel red, white, and blue all over. Thank you Bud!"

"What an amazing life this author has lived. Cover to cover this book was riveting and kept me interested. A must read for history and aviation enthusiasts!"

"This book kept my interest from start to finish. Incredible that this man lived to tell this story. A must read for aviation or history buffs or anyone!!"