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Aviating With Evans, Norvin Bud Evans - Blue Note Publications, Inc

Aviating With Evans, Norvin Bud Evans

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This is the story of a young boy’s dream of becoming a pilot. He begins to fulfill his dream by becoming a B-24 pilot in the US Army Air Corp in World War II. After the war, Norvin “Bud” Evans was sent for active duty in Japan where he was assigned to one of the first fighter groups and experienced the latest jet fighter equipment. Through a stellar performance record, he became one of the first jet fighter pilots in combat during the Korean War. This story takes you from a young boy’s dream to his accomplishments as a US Air Force jet fighter pilot, flying over 160 missions in the Korean War. These stories encompass some of the most interesting events and occurrences, told from the perspective of the cockpit of a jet fighter, highlighting what being a test pilot was like in the wake of developing the first United States National Aviation Program. 

 ISBN No: 9780996306683
Paperback, 6 x 9, 454 Pages with photos


"Great easy read, worth it.This is a surprisingly easy to read account of one man's experience on the cusp of modern day aviation. Riveting stories that appeal to all ages, aviation enthusiasts and those in search of just a good, easy read. Although I have never taken an interest in military aviation, i have to admit, i was fascinated by the experiences described in this book. Everything from engine trouble and the adoption of jet engine airplanes, to individual struggles with life, love and distance, and lastly to the context of what life was like post world war one, when no one had a cell phone. i recommend this book as a great easy read!"

"Bud Knocks it Out of the Park!! The history in this book is astounding. If you enjoy aerospace history in any form, this is a must read. Bud has been everywhere in the Golden Age of Test flight and the past comes to life!!!"
-The Florida Reviewer