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Cassie's Delicious Stranger, by April Cobb - Blue Note Publications, Inc

Cassie's Delicious Stranger, by April Cobb

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A Romance Novel and Thriller by April Cobb. Book one of a trilogy.

"…she was alone in the house and had been there since the day before. No one would hear them. She might not even notice him breaking in. He stood at the back door, eyes darting all about making certain that he was alone and unnoticed. The wet doorknob didn’t budge. He lifted the crowbar and snugly placed it in the door jam and gave it a hefty shove. The frame, swollen with water, gave slightly, ....allowing more of the bar to be wedged in tighter. Jack took one more look around himself before shoving the bar mightily.

"The door gave way as he battered it with his shoulder..."


Cassandra came from an upper middle class family in northern Massachusetts. She was brought up the only girl in a loving family of six. Neil was the only surviving son of a well to do Florida family. Neither of them was looking for a relationship or the trouble it brings. She was running away from past problems and he was sure he wanted to be a bachelor for life. 

Fate was on a different course and it would take them kicking and screaming into the present. Her problem was about to come to a head and his problem wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Can their primal attraction take such a savage hit?

Full of intrigue and suspense, this is a real page-turner.

FICTION  • 246 Pages  •  Paperback



Cassie’s Delicious Stranger was a delight to read. The author, April Cobb wrote in such a way that I found myself looking forward to each chapter. She wrote the story not only from the leading female’s perspective but also from the leading males as well at times.

"For me it was a page turner. The story flowed from cover to cover unraveling the life of Cassie. I was able to insert myself as the main character from time to time vicariously living through Cassie’s eyes.

"At the end of the first book I discovered a great plot twist that begged the reading of the epilogue. When I was done reading the book I found myself anticipating the second book in the trilogy.

"This book was a pleasure to read, it kept me on the edge of my seat and as a thriller it was a must read for me.”

                                 —Sue DeWerff Panzarino, Viera East Magazine