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I Love You Infinity, Jillian Schmidt

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I Love You…Infinity brings a precious, yet simple message about expressing LOVE, while journeying through space and experiencing a fun fact about each planet in our solar system with the characters, Fisher and Rigley. The book’s vivid and colorful illustrations and lovable characters help your children engage in bringing them along on this lively adventure. Fisher and Rigley’s characters are so entertaining and charming, they will pull your children’s attention in like gravity and encourage their imagination to explore an out of this world love. Bring the message of love into your home when you and your children say I Love You…Infinity.

Jillian Schmidt is the mother of two boys, Max and Sam, who appear in the book as Fisher and Rigley. She describes how I Love You Infinity came about: “One day we decided to write down the things we do and say to create a memory book. We wanted to share these loving stories by turning them into a children’s book series, Adventures of Fisher and Rigley.” Max and Sam, also being young authors in this adventure, have been part of this whole process. They helped write the stories, chose the characters, helped in character development, and chose the names. The author has produced and promoted grappling tournaments and hosted a radio show. She currently owns and operates the Sandbar Restaurant in Melbourne Beach, Florida, as well as her company Infinity Endeavors, Inc., and continues to write books. Jillian and the boys can be followed at: www.Facebook.com/AdventuresofFisherandRigley

ISBN: 9780989556323
Hardcover, 8 3/4 X 11 1/4,32 Pages
Illustrations by Robert Pracek.