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Memories From The Land of The Intolerant Tyrant, Gus Venegas - Blue Note Publications, Inc

Memories From The Land of The Intolerant Tyrant, Gus Venegas

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This is a story about the Cuban Revolution and the events during 1959-1960 that brought a totalitarian dictatorship under Fidel Castro. The author describes life under the increasing political, economic and cultural oppression in Cuba until leaving Cuba in 1966. The author, Gus Venegas, addresses curious questions that readers may have about Cuba, the Cuban Revolution, and life under Castros regime. Background information is provided about Castro before the Moncada Attack and Cuba before the Revolution. A narration is provided of how Fidel Castro secured power during the early days of the Revolution, until he cancelled elections and a free press by mid-1960. The author describes Castro's system of political apartheid. depriving those not aligned with the government from access to more food, better healthcare and access to a college education. Significant events such as the Anti-Castro Rebellion of the 60's, Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis are covered. Controversial issues such as Castro's justice system, his neighborhood watch committees, Castro's prison system, his interventionism in the Third World, and Castro's unwillingness to reconcile with America are discussed.

ISBN: 9780983075806
Paperback, 6 X 9, 302 Pages