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Olivia And The Sea Turtles - Blue Note Publications, Inc

Olivia And The Sea Turtles

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By Adrienne Falzon

Olivia loved looking for shells with Grandma! It was one of their favorite things to do together.

However, little did they know that today’s seashell search would hold a special surprise that neither of them could ever imagine. And, it would have nothing to do with shells…

A delightful new children's book from the author of "The Search For The Perfect Shell", "Live Like Paul", "What Is An Angel", "Selfish Sally" and "It's Not Fair".  Children will learn about the struggles that baby sea turtles go through to survive, through the compassionate eyes of Olivia and her Grandmother.

ISBN: 1-978-878398-51-2, 8 1/2 x 11, Landscape, Hardcover with DustJacket, Full Color, 24 Pages


“I absolutely love this book! When I was a little girl my farmer father planted a seed that would grow into a life-long love affair with nature. Adrienne’s story brought back those halcyon days of learning and experiencing the great outdoors! This thoughtful tale touches on the turtle’s life cycle, conservation, advocacy and that special bond between a Grandma and her grandchild. It brought tears to my eyes.”

 —JoAnne Hansen Kerschner, Ph.D., Retired Virologist    

“I am always delighted when I read about the magic that children experience when they first see wildlife in nature. This wonderful story points out the plight of endangered sea turtles and a sweet little girl that cares. We should all follow Olivia’s lead and have a save the sea turtle club, since, sadly, only one in 1,000 hatchlings make it to adulthood.”

    —Karen Testa, Executive Director / President,  NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator

“A delightful story that educates all generations about the importance of preserving and protecting our Sea Turtles. As well, this story shows a touching mutual connection between a grandmother and grandchild taking responsibility to preserve and protect our wild life.”

     —Teresa O’Donnell, COTA/L, President, San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society,Chelonian Care Educator, Water Turtle Foster Home Coordinator


“Mrs. Falzon has done it again! Another wonderful children’s book with a double moral. Children as well as adults learn to care for the environment coupled with a great lesson in biology.”

      —Mikki L. Fink,  Chairman of Encore,    Newport Beach CA. Book Club