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Reflections Of Cape Carnival, Hal Povenmire - Blue Note Publications, Inc

Reflections Of Cape Carnival, Hal Povenmire

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History, humor and space missions. This book gives chronological review of the important events during the early days of the Space Age. This period of time was not an easy one. Outside of the Civil War, this was the darkest time in our history. It is also likely that it was the most exciting time in human history. Our space accomplishments were the one shining star that gave us hope and pride. 

An effort has been made not to embarrass any one person or company but only to show that mistakes were made and the lessons learned. When you assemble a team of 40,000  bright people who are new on the job, funny things and mistakes are made. Most of these stories are in anecdotal form and often in a humorous context, but they all carry a message.

ISBN: 9781878398871
Paperback, 6 X 9, 236 Pages with photos