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Selfish Sally, Adrienne Falzon

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Sally learns a lesson when everyone around her calls her Selfish Sally. She’s not sure what SELFISH means until she talks it over with her mom. She realizes that her choice to keep her things to herself has a negative effect on her life. Lonely and unhappy, she decides to give “sharing” a try and finds the world is a much better place to live when we all share what we have.

Hardcover, 8 5/8 X 11 1/4, 24 Pages


“This is a lovely book that reflects the very heart of God and teaches people of all ages the valuable lifelong gift of sharing. If only everyone would learn that sharing makes everyday special for everyone.”
 —Dr. Bob Botsford, Senior Pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship in Rancho Santa Fe, California

“Selfish Sally will teach the young reader a life lesson, the importance of sharing. Adrienne demonstrates through the story how we are responsible for the consequences of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Her heart’s desire is to teach children how to live consciously and how to love one another.”
 —Hildegarde Cochran,  Yoga Teacher and Co Owner of  Sundari Yoga Studio/Soul Sista

“Once again, Adrienne Falzon has written a book that is an essential reference to a child’s social and emotional development. Persistent to her journey as an author, Adrienne continues to impart important life skills through a child’s perspective. Her message of acceptance, tolerance, compassion, and empathy is loud and clear. Thank you, Adrienne, for your continued dedication to children."
 —Cindy Brown, Director at Redeemer Preschool,  Carlsbad, California

“Adrienne Falzon has created a beautiful gentle tale about sharing that affirms the child’s own ability to recognize the effects of selfishness. It’s just the way to teach: non-blaming, with supportive adult guidance—but with the child as main character. Brava!”
 —Carol Jenkins,  TV Host Black America, Journalist, Author

“An essential life lesson for all! Sally quickly learns how everyone benefits when we all share in this beautiful story that children OF ALL AGES should read at least once!”
 —Roger Blaugh, Board of Directors Child Care and Recreational Center Long Island, New York

“In an age where common courtesy and simple kindness is often forgotten, Adrienne’s new book teaches a timeless lesson that speaks to all ages! The beautiful illustrations engage the readers, encouraging us to turn to the next page. This book is a classic!”
—Susan Appleby, Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild

"This is a fabulous book for teaching young students a valuable lifelong lesson on the topic of sharing. Selfish Sally will be an excellent addition to the book collection of educators, counselors, social workers, psychologists, or those who work with young children in some capacity.“
—Bonnie R. Bernstein, Ph.D<, School Psychologist