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Takes Two to Tandem, Lance Maki, MD - Blue Note Publications, Inc

Takes Two to Tandem, Lance Maki, MD

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This story is a tribute to the sport of Tandem Surfing. The main characters are Dr. Lance Maki and Jaci Remrey. Through a series of strange, almost miraculous consequences, they formed a team and a personal bond through the beautiful sport of Tandem Surfing. Tandem Surfing is where two people paddle together, catch a wave, then stand and do ballet style movements and lifts. Illustrated with over 200 full color photographs which help tell the story, this coffee table style hardcover book also tells the history of surfing and some of its early pioneers. Proceeds from the book will benefit the NKF (National Kidney Foundation). Foreword by Bear Woznick. 

ISBN: 9780985556235
Hardcover, 9 1/4 X 12 1/2, 160 Pages with beautiful full color photos

"Lance Maki...inspires me to keep my joy in catching the next wave and to lose my fear...and to know that everything is possible. I am excited about Dr. Maki's new book and hope everyone with a love of the ocean and surfboards will also read it and get inspired to 'catch their wave!"

"Love and aloha, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, aka "Gidget"

"Lance Maki's new book expresses both the beauty and the mystery of tandem surfing. The sport is as ageless as Lance is himself. At the age of sixty, he took up a brand new sport that most people in their twenties are intimidated by. He took it up with all the brash youthful vigor that he had when he became an Air Force pilot, only to drop that to become something even more radical and that is a doctor who delivers babies.

He shows us all that with the right attitude, fitness and diet regimen in tandem and with the right medical care, we can live vigorous, joyful lives as full of wonder as the babies he delivers. Mahalo Nui Loa Lance for your book. Reading it was like riding a good wave.

-Bear Woznick Masters World Champion Tandem Surfer Author of "Deep in the Wave".