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The Medium Within, John Rogers - Blue Note Publications, Inc

The Medium Within, John Rogers

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John Rogers has been a Medium for over 35 years. Spreading the word of Mediumship to diverse groups around the world, John brings his energy, passion and gift to all who seek answers to their mysteries.

ISBN: 097701522X
Paperback, 5 X 8, 170 Pages


"John's extraordinary ability to communicate with several spirit guides on the other side is intriguing as he delves into areas of which one can only dream. In this unique work, through a series of conversations with his spirit guides, he examines the relationship between those who have passed over, our own souls, and the lessons we are here to learn..."
-Susan Mionske, Palm Bay, Florida 

"We all have questions about what happens to us when we depart the body we "rent" for our stay in this life. We hear about mediums, spirituality, guides and angels, and usually wind up with even more questions. It's refreshing to read a book which chronicles a spiritual minister's personal quest for answers to his questions and in so doing, helps us answer many of our own. Very interesting reading!
-Dr. Stephen G. Rudin, Brockton, MA