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Whacked Out!, Bill Glamore

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Another installment of "Harry The Alligator" by humor writer Bill Glamore.

…Big Nose Nelson grabbed up the  AK-47 from inside the hidden compartment in the couch, jammed the clip home, and wheeled around with his finger on the trigger ready to blast those ratty bastards to hell, then laughed a nervous laugh and collapsed backward onto the couch. Unfortunately, he had not replaced the cushions and his skinny ass lodged in the compartment. The weapon somersaulted, the hair trigger started firing, and the concussive force of wildly scattered bullets kicked the gun butt down and into the corner at the other end of the couch, wedging it in upside down pointing directly at Big Nose Nelson sitting like a small child fallen into a toilet. All the remaining 30 or so rounds entered his body.

Not one hit his nose. (page 136)

Bill Glamore is the author, aka Fisherman Bob. His friend with the tail is Harry the Alligator. His girlfriend is Frankie, and assorted weird creatures, both human and not-so-human, share the pages with them.



ISBN: 9781878398048
Paperback, 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 ,166 Pages