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What Is An Angel?, Adrienne Falzon

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In What Is An Angel? one meets Olivia, an elementary school student, who finds herself immersed in all the Christmas decorations in her classroom. What really captures her attention, however, are the angels hanging on the Christmas tree. She asks herself, What is an angel, anyway? This is ultimately answered and explained by her Aunt Rose. Readers young and old will clearly understand the work of angels in our lives, as directed by God. The last sentence in the book leaves the reader in thought and peace with the suggestion of an angels physical presence. One must read to find out how this is done! Beautifully Illustrated for Children of all Ages.

Hardcover, 8 3/4 X11 1/2, 32 Pages


"What a delightful tale on the mystery of angels. One that you and your children will enjoy."
-Debbie Macomber, New York Times Best selling author

"Beautifully written, and a lesson for all ages, Adrienne Falzon's What Is An Angel? is sure to captivate young readers around the world. Through careful illustrations and thoughtful prose, What Is An Angel? is a must-have for every children's book collection."
-Dawn Kissi, International journalist and author

"Adrienne Falzon captures the essence of angel in her touching, heartwarming, yet theologically profound story. Angels are God's messengers and specifically as messengers they bring glad tidings, heal our brokenness, and protect us from all harm all so that we can grow as human beings into persons who can see beyond externals to the interior life and mystery that is the essence of every person."
-Sister Mary Virginia Orna OSU Professor of Chemistry College of New Rochelle

"Children will love Adrienne Falzon's explanation of what part angels play in our daily lives, and they will feel comforted to know we each have a special guardian angel watching over us. Beautiful illustrations add to this wondrous message that reminds young and old of God's love for His creation."
-Suzanne Bertman, Member and Past President Hibiscus Children's Center Foundation Board Vero Beach, Florida

About The Author

Adrienne Falzon lives in New York City and Southampton, New York with her husband Manny. Together they enjoy traveling and being with their blended family of 7 sons and 6 grandchildren. Adrienne also participates in children's charities and local organizations.

About The Illustrator

Helen M. Salzberg lives in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida. With an MBA degree from New York University, she has won many awards throughout her lifetime. Her artwork has been displayed in many private and public collections. She recently established the Jaffe Center Helen M. Salzberg Artists in Residence Program at Florida Atlantic University.