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You Are Never Alone, Vietnam 1967-1968, Stan Bain - Blue Note Publications, Inc

You Are Never Alone, Vietnam 1967-1968, Stan Bain

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A heart wrenching true story about a man who served our country in the Vietnam war, lived to tell about it but was never the person he was before. His struggle with PTSD after the war and the courage it took to confront his demons head on and find comfort in others who have been through similar strife.

"I knew if I did decide to share this story, I would do so in the hope that other veterans from other wars might gain the courage to share their experiences as well—experiences that may well have been hidden or buried for much too long and continue to maim and destroy from the inside out. War is a nasty business, and the people who survive don’t always survive the battles with their own demons once they return home." —Stan Bain, Author


" just finished Stanley Bain’s draft book about his experiences in Vietnam. I worked as a civilian field medic for an American construction company throughout Vietnam during the war from 1965 through 1972 and can attest that he accurately describes the sounds and feelings of Vietnam and of the war, and of what it was like to be a young green army soldier who matures into a battle tested leader." —Victor Hundahl, San Francisco California


"I am Sherryl in Stan’s book about Vietnam….. PTSD affects not only the soldiers, but the women that love them." —Sherryl Main, Kalispell Montana

"I have read Stan Bain’s excellent book about his experiences in Vietnam. It’s a very good read. Stan went through some decisions that no man should ever have to make. If I had been in his shoes, I would have done the same. The book also gives insight as to what these vets have to face once they return. Hopefully it will help some of our brave men who did return some help with PTSD. "—Lee St. Clair

"As a personal witness to the day Stan had his first image and his subsequent relating of the story this book was especially meaningful. Riveting. A personal glimpse inside the horror of war by one who was there. In his mature years Stan is visited with images of the horror he faced as a young soldier. This story will serve as a catharsis to veterans whose experiences were similar to those of the author and as importantly a glimpse of understanding for those of us who did not serve. An important tribute to those who served in Vietnam." —Jim Pomajevich, Proctor Montana

"It was a privilege reading You Are Never Alone. Stan has been a friend, colleague and mentor for many years. The war was something we never talked about. With this book Stan talks about his year in Vietnam and his struggles with PTSD. It is my prayer that through this book Stan and other vets can find some healing and closure. Thank You for Your Service." —Don Krogstad, Kalispell Montana

We finished the book and it was excellent!!! I think at least portions if not the entire book should be mandatory reading of all high school students. It had humor, friendship and of course incredible pain. I don’t know if you ever thought of it this way but both Karen and I feel that God placed you in the lives of those children at the orphanage like an angel of Mercy. You showed them love which they obviously responded to and in their moment of greatest pain you gave them peace. We do wish you have had children because you would have been an excellent FATHER. —Brent and Karen Wilson, Yuma Arizona

"Reading stan’s book has explained much of the questions I had concerning his life. His marriages and how he buried himself in his work. I do hope he will write a follow up to show his accomplished success in the business world. Stan has had an outstanding career in government service as well as his own businesses. What he has seen and lived through has molded him into the determined individual with hear and insight we know today." —Dick Riebe, Missoula Montana

"Any U.S. male born in 1945 to 1952 could relate to this book. Most of us had: Dad’s who served in World War II; the dreaded draft, pride of Country and facing a war we never really understood. I served in the Nay in Nam. However, Stan skillfully illustrated that a soldier in the Army or Marines was were the real war/combat took place. Being on a ship as opposed to the jungle were two entirely did different entities. Sergeant Bain realistically described all phases of his Army experience from being drafted to his ongoing battle with PTSD 45 years later. He expressed humor, sorrow and the ever-popular Military slogan “Hurry Up and Wait” in a very believable manner. As I flipped through the pates, the reader could appreciate the camaraderie of his unit. Any veteran of the Vietnam War would benefit reading Stan’s novel. Many of us share similar experiences a many also suffer from PTSD. Being able to seek help through the channels Stan mentioned is the beginning of the healing process and provides a true realization that truly We Are Never Alone." —PN1 Phil Fraher, Newark California

"Life is full of trials – war is the worst. No one comes out unharmed whether in the midst of battle or at home. We all have demons that attach when we least expect it. Stan Bain fought the physical battles and carried home memories that haunt him yet today. His sharing those experiences and the knowledge he’s gained of how to deal with them has helped him face the challenges of life after war. By sharing his story, he will help others confront their fears and face the uncertainties of life. You never forget – but if you deal with it – it can’t control your life. Once you take control of your memories; your mental, emotional and physical life will be more peaceful and take on new meaning. Many find peace and relief through faith in Jesus or God; through friendships and loving families. Thanks to counseling and support groups man returning soldiers today live a life without deep haunting regrets War changes everyone. Those who face the enemy in battle have given the most –sacrificed their lives physically and emotionally so we can continue to live in freedom past generations fought for and future generations will fight to preserve. We must all find the inner strength needed to survive and thrive." —B.R., Missoula Montana

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